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Testimonial - Lee Kemp

Lee KempI would like to recommend this site. Please let me tell you a little bit about myself. This Year I had a programme called the Crippendales on Channel 4. This documentary follows Lee kemp as he realises his dream to become a stripper. Recently runner up in 'The Sexiest Man In Yorkshire Competition', Lee, paralysed from the waist down, is determined to get on stage and do the full Monty. If he can organise the first disabled strip group - the Crippendales - the best stripping troupe in the country, the Adonis Cabaret, have agreed to give him a slot in their show. This is what the Observer said about the programme.

"A boundary breaking documentary film, called The Crippendales in an ironic reference to the risqué all-male cabaret act The Chippendales, is to put a group of disabled men on stage and turn them into a group of strippers, in the manner of the hit film The Full Monty. The controversial and light-hearted film, which has the provocative promotional tag line, 'They might not have legs, but do they have the balls?', was privately screened for the first time in London this month and is being hailed as a breakthrough by disability groups.

CrippendalesIt has also been picked for the New York Film Festival and will make its first public appearance in this country at the Sheffield Documentary Festival early next month. Disabled members of the audience who watched the film last weekend at a conference run by Different Strokes, a group for stroke survivors, were delighted.
'It brought the house down. The response was incredible,'
said John Horan, a disability lawyer and stroke survivor. The film's director, Havana Marking, hoped to challenge the idea that the sexuality of disabled people is something to be ignored or, at worst, censored. She also believed the exercise would be liberating for the men involved. The team of five were trained by choreographer Jo King and the Adonis Cabaret and they then worked on their show with hen night favourites, The Adonis Cabaret".

The Crippendales won the best international documentary in the New York film Festival. The Crippendales are also at the Edinburgh fringe Festival this year on August the 16th. I would like to thank Tristan Tristar AKA TT And Richard AKA Joker from The Adonis Cabaret for helping us to exceed in what we set out to do. I believe that the Crippendales would not have been successful,if it had not the right people being involved in the programme. I would like to thank you very much for all your time and work Adonis Cabaret.

Yours sincerely, Lee Kemp.