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Testimonial - The Joker

JokerImagine if you can, partying every night!

Now imagine partying every night in a different venue across the country!

Ok, now imagine partying every night in a different venue across the country and doing it with your mates!

So you got partying, travel, your mates and to top it all off, you're getting paid good money to do it!

Sounds great or what?

Welcome to the best job in the world and that my friend is the industry of “male strippers”

How can I say these things well I have now been in “the industry” for many years and had the best of times and fun doing and earning!

What does it take to be a good stripper and I mean good. It’s far too easy to drop your pants in a nightclub. Wiggle your arse like you're trying to free a rabid dog from your cheeks and nine times out of ten show to the world Mr winks in a state of fear, rapidly ascending your body to hide its little head!
The fact you’re here reading this is a great start as you are interested even intrigued about the world of male strip.
Can anyone become a male stripper and the answer is no. Just like not everyone can be a nurse or bricklayer, but if you want to do it with a passion like everything it can be done.
With the help of us here at the male stripper school we, whom have really “seen it all done it all” will show you the do’s and don’ts. The history of the industry and some of the best kept secrets! Above all you will learn from the best and we will get the best from you. We teach in way where egos get left at the door and a sense of humour and laughter, along with a drive to learn are a must!

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Richard, stage name “The Joker” and started stripping many years ago at 19 years old. I was very lucky as I entered the industry in its prime during the years of real showmen and was helped by some of and the best acts of that time. Don’t get me wrong I had too work bloody hard to prove to them I was worth their time and knowledge but well worth it as my “many years” still “doing it” shows.
These guys as you can imagine from a silly 19year old were monsters to me. I used to think if I spent my life in the gym I still wouldn’t be good enough and that was the time I met my mentor, Just Jay! Jay, already a seasoned stripper and literally the top stripper in the country showed me the showmanship. You see you don’t have to be pumping weights and steroids to be as big as you possibly can, but if that’s your thing fairplay! Of course you need to be in good to great shape but that is a small part of the learning! The way you stand, the smile your audience shine to, your choice of music, even the most stupid of things like clapping is an art on its own and believe me its got me out trouble with some tricky audiences.
This game is an art form and I’m glad to say that it’s coming back and we are starting to see some great guys on the circuit with fantastic shows.
Along with a fantastic lifestyle as a male stripper this can also lead to some very interesting and financially rewarding opportunities. I myself have made numerous TV and film appearances, from being a male stripper to speaking roles as other characters. I have performed in many theatres across the country and the world as principle lead in male revue tours. Along with this I have choreographed TV commercials, stage productions, photo shoots as well as numerous male strippers many of which I now work with and whom are at the top of their game.

We here at the male stripper school will give you all the tools (excuse the pun) to become more confident, a clear view on your career path and contacts within the industry. You will also have the advantage to speak with our guest teachers ranging from top male strippers, to drag/comperes, to sound technicians, photographers, costume makers etc. They will share their tried and tested skills and professionalism giving you the advantage and know how to get you up and running.