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Testimonial - College Boy

College BoyImagine if you can, partying every night!

Now imagine partying every night in a different venue across the country!

Hi. I’m College Boy!


Whilst studying for my A-levels I was also completing professional training as an actor and singer. I worked quite a lot after leaving college doing minor TV-roles, commercials, voice over work and musical theatre tours but after a major fall out with my agent the work dried up and I was struggling along doing boring temp jobs.

College BoyThen one drunken evening with some friends in a local pub I was asked to perform in an amateur strip contest. Several drinks later and I was whirling a leather g-string around my head to great applause. The venue owner suggested I call myself College Boy as I was fresh out of college and young and cute (beer goggles methinks!!! LOL).

Becoming a male stripper was a total accident but one of the best things that has ever happened to me. When I started in the industry I had no help from other performers and there was certainly nothing like this wonderful strip school around to show me the ropes. I worked hard and persevered and learned what I could on the solo circuit and gradually built a good name for myself.

To become a great stripper you have to have charisma and a rapport with your audience – no matter how tough your audience may be (and boy have I played some tough gigs – I’ve been bitten, spat at, verbally abused – and that was only when I auditioned for Tristan Tristar and Davina Sparkle to join the number one hen party organisation – Adonis Cabaret.)

White Shirt Stripper


I now work every Saturday at Adonis Bournemouth with a team of the nicest and most professional performers you’re ever likely to meet – most of whom teach at the Male Strip School.
I still work the solo circuit, with 15 totally different and highly original acts as well as working as a male vocalist at top cabaret venues


So why not come down to Bournemouth and hear me sing as well as do the Full Monty at Adonis Cabaret. Who knows, after a course at the Male Strip School you may end up as a part of this fantastic team!!!