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Testimonial - Chris Night

Chris NightHi I’m Chris Night (Male Stripper), today I’m a fully fledged member of the Adonis Cabaret stripping A team but it was not always like that!
I’m a personal trainer living in London, who loves clubbing and parties, one of my friends told me I should try Male Lap dancing, as there were some vacancies in Stringfellows on a Saturday night.. I went for an audition and got a job the following week. The strips were really simple, just wiggling and gyrating to 1 song a bit like the girls do, but by the end of the night I’d got the bug, I loved the attention, the buzz and it was fun!

12 months later I thought it was time to move on, touting for lap dances was ok but you had to hustle (which I don’t like) and the money was so up and down. I wanted to do shows!

I’d heard from some of the boys about the Adonis Cabaret Male Stripper Shows, and just by chance there was one in Old Street which is walking distance from my house, one Saturday night I got myself an invite to go watch one of there Strip nights, well I have to say I was blown away, the vibe was amazing, and the guys looked like superstars on stage and with the audience screaming so loud you needed ear plugs! I got to meet Male Stripping legends like Willy The Kid, David Blaze and Paul Grant all massive names in the UK stripping industry, and the Drag Queen comic and Host was mind blowing, the singing costumes makeup and characters was something else.

For months I begged to become part of the team, I just wanted to get involved, you could see the guys worked hard, but they had so much fun as well. I was offered a job doing the door greeting and taking the free hen night photos and attending to the ladies needs.

I worked on the door in London for about 12 months, all the time, picking up tips from the best and watching the guys on stage – girls would always ask why I was not on the stage.

The Guys slowly got me involved – first they got me on stage during the show with all the hens to get me used to stage fright and how to handle the audience, I had to be lap danced on by all the girls getting married, it was a bit of a turn around from what I used to do I thought the irony was rather amusing..

I had heard about part of the team called Richard The Joker – he is the crazy person who you may have seen playing the piano with his **** on telly. He started work with me on my solo show …………. 20 minutes on stage ……… on my own!

We worked on costume’s, gags, music Richard did it all for me, even showing me the Tricks to make ones manhood look more impressive on stage.

Now I am one of the headline acts on the show and I LOVE IT !!!

Come and see me on one of the shows you’ll love it too !

Click here for The Adonis Cabaret Male Stripper Show package (go to the calendar listings for where and when I’m on)

Or email me for hen nights, kiss a grams, TV, theatre, or modelling here – ChrisNight@MaleStripperSchool.com