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Testimonial - Billy Blue Eyes

Billy Blue EyesHi I'm Billy Blue Eyes, Aka Leigh to my friends!
I'm in training @ Male Stripper School and I've already done a few big gigs!

My story
I first heard about this male strip show in Bournemouth called Adonis Cabaret from a friend who was the DJ down there, I always wanted to be in performance but never really had any big breaks and although I've done some great modelling jobs and gone for TV presenting and roles on TV shows nothing was really happening I could make a living from..

My First Strip
To promote myself I entered Mr Bournemouth, there was a text vote section in the competition and I got the guys at The Adonis Cabaret Show to agree that if I went to the show and the girls texted in I would do a full strip on the show !! OMG what did I let myself in for!

The day came and I was worrying all week, calling the male strippers who were on the show who I had not met yet and asking them for advice. They were all so kind and gave me lots of tips, it put my mind at rest that I had support from the team at least.

Billy Blue EyesI turned up to the club early, I wanted to get a good feel for the place, and actually meet all the performers, and I met Drag Queen Amber Dextrous and Strippers Carl Warlock and All The Way Jay! They were all really cool guys, down to earth and nothing at all like I thought male strippers would be and the Drag Queen was soooooooo funny..
They all went through their routines before the doors opened, its really strange seeing the club empty - the calm before the storm I suppose..
I was told where I would be put into the show and asked if I wanted to do a lap dance section with the hens and the closing part of the show - I jumped at the chance - In for a penny in for a pound I thought..

I was on in the second half - I don't know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing, good that you have time to prepare yourself, bad that you have time to worry!

The Venue was an old theatre that Adonis Cabaret had bought and turned into both a male strip show venue and comedy club, and it was lush, the stage was high, the lights bright, and there were tiers and balconies. As the venue filled up every inch was taken by girls expecting a good night out ... I hoped I could perform!

My time came and the rest as they say is history - but I had my first test and a taste of what it’s like and loved It!

I went on to win the Mr Bournemouth heat and went on to Mr England! For one year I did all that was asked of me for Mr Bournemouth - all the press, PR, radio, newspapers, you name it, but all the time nothing came close to that buzz of being on stage and stripping.

Male Stripper School
Billy Blue Eyes StripperThe following year I asked the lads at Adonis Cabaret if they had any spaces, there were none at the time but I pushed and pushed and they gave me a job doing the door hosting and told me they would put me into their new Male Stripper School where I'd meet all the acts and learn the art of male stripping.

I was to have two mentors, a bloke who introduced himself as Piston Fart Pants - who I later found out was Tristan Tristar - one of the headline acts, and Richard the Joker, who is now a full time male strip teacher (the Joker can play the piano with his organ *see video*)

At present I'm working every week, still doing the door, but week by week they ask me to get more involved in the show, and I'm managing to do a full 10 minute solo !!

I love it! It Rocks! If you want to know more..

Come see me @ www.AdonisCabaret.co.uk

See you there
Billy Blue Eyes