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Published: 10 Sep 2007

THE world’s first school offering

STRIPPING lessons for men has opened in Britain.

And hundreds of adventurous lads have already signed up in a bid to impress their girlfriends and spice up their sex lives.

The saucy classes are taught by professional stripper Stuart Lewington, who has been performing for four years under the cheeky stage name Justin Trousersnake.

Stuart, 33, said: “Being sexy isn’t easy. It’s an art form ? there’s so much to think about.”

The Adonis Male Stripper School runs classes in London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Blackpool and Newcastle.

Men can choose from two courses ? one entitled The Full Monty and the other called One Night Stand.

The first is an eight-week series designed for fellas who want to take their clothes off for a living.

The second is a one-off evening session, costing £100.

Musician Simon Russell, 37, from Brighton, took TWO of the one-off lessons to perk up his sex life.

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Sun - Published online 15/10/07