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Get down to the mini-bum!
By Lynn Morris
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PEEK-A-BOO: Leigh Coda
PEEK-A-BOO: Leigh Coda

A MALE stripping school is offering lessons in Bournemouth.

With the Adonis Male Stripper School, men can learn to strut their stuff at classes in Elements nightclub in Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth.

The school is running two different courses - a longer one called The Full Monty for men who want to become professional strippers and a One Night Stand, which is one session lasting a couple of hours.

Male strip act the Adonis cabaret started in Bournemouth, performing in front of visiting hen parties on Saturday nights.

Tristan Mills, who runs the course, said: "The stripping school started because we needed to train more men for the shows. The longer course has been running for a while now and was just advertised by word of mouth.

"Leigh Coda, Mr Bournemouth 2006, has recently completed it.

"He is so good he is ready to go on stage, so for him the course has led to a job.

"The guys are usually mentored through by drag queens.

"The short course, which is just for people who do not want to do it professionally, is new."

The short sessions, costing £100, can be tailored to the individual but, according to the website, students learn about music, dance, comedy routines, costume production and removal, "manhandling your manhood", kiss-o-grams and the history of stripping.

Mr Mills, 34, who performs as Tristan Tristar, said: "Most of the people are up for a laugh but others are trying to build their confidence.

"Girlfriends might buy a lesson for their boyfriend for his birthday or for their birthday.

"Some men want to know the basics of becoming a kiss-o-gram and others just want to entertain their girlfriends.

"So we could teach them not just how to do a lap dance but how to set the mood with music and lighting.

"We would work out what they are comfortable doing."

Classes are also run in Brighton, London, Newcastle and Blackpool.

7:00pm Wednesday 19th September 2007

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Daily Echo - Published online 20/09/07