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BookBy night two bronzed, toned male strippers who perform breath-taking acts of erotica too sold out venues across the globe. Loved and wanted by women, envied by men these two hunks of love conquer each show! By day two morons forced to live together, bumbling through the most mundane of daily tasks.
Two friends of complete opposites yet the same. Tristan, bold, brash, loud, a ladies man, so he likes to think yet completely useless in this area. A first class business man able to clinch the hardest of deals. A money magnet, earning fast yet investing wisely. A performer of amazing, “edge of your seat” routines yet the challenge of a washing machine leaves him exhausted and confused.

Richard “The Joker”. Shy and insecure, totally oblivious to his stalkers of which there are many in ever increasing levels of strangeness. A performer of the highest degree. Probably the worst financial brain to ever be spawned, investment and security are words not on his scrabble board but man you should taste his apple pie!
Come with us as we follow our dynamic duo through day and night time antics. Meet their colleagues, each of them with some secret of bizarre. Each day is guaranteed to be filled with hilarious mishaps, with a lot ending in some form of injury to our loveable lunatics.

Be warned this is not for the faint hearted or persons not taking vast amounts of medication. Come join us as with delve deeper than ever before and venture, Beneath the G-String.

Richard the JokerThe Joker has had a hand in lots of the male strippers your see about today..
you may know him from as the Piano Man (the man who can play the piano with his manhood) but we know him as the loveable lunatic The Joker

If you've not seen around the site check out lots of the joker's reminiscing of the good old days


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