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Davina Sparkle

Davina SparkleHi I’m David, I’m also known as Davina Sparkle – I like to call myself a Top International Drag Comedian, (but I’m just a cock in a frock really) more of a Panto Dame with attitude, I’ve been working in this industry for nearly 14 years and love my job – I’ve been an Agent for the last 6 years with Adonis Cabaret, run my own business and without being to a big head, I’m a bit of a Guru when it comes to Stripping and Book all the boys for the Adonis Shows and many others up and down the Country….


Davina Sparkle Male Stripper GuruI’m here to tell you that being a Male Stripper is fun but you need certain things to help you become one

Firstly the right attitude, most Male strippers are Straight guys, some are gay but very few, it doesn’t really matter what sexuality you are as long as you’re not homophobic you have a head start, attitude also means that if you know you’re gorgeous and you think you’re above others then you’re probably on the wrong track… the key word is TEAM and there no I in TEAM.

Being a Male Stripper is about having a good attitude to your colleagues, understanding how the business works, providing a great fun show to your audience and enjoying yourself! “Girls just wanna have fun” is so true, Women are mentally stimulated, men are physically stimulated, the difference is vast, make a woman laugh and they will love you, anyone can flop it out (yes even me), and that’s not sexy believe me…

Ego – we all have one and when it gets bruised we get upset! The thing with this job is you need to try and leave yours at the door to the venue, and then you won’t get upset! Drag Queen Comperes can make or break a strippers look, show, and even career! So be nice and work as part of a team and you won’t go wrong…

Davina and BikeI’ve been really lucky in this job, in this career we call show, I’ve earned a lot of money, been round the world, worked abroad too and of course I get to work with some of the Top Strippers in the country like Richard Joker, Tristan Tristar, Willy the Kid and even “Chico” (yep he was one too). You can earn a fortune in this business, so go for it, here at Male Stripper School, we have Sound and Lighting Technicians (who are so very important) as your Music is the most important TOOL - LOL, we have Gurus, Teachers and Agents to get you started.

So if you have a fit body, a great sense of humour, a pleasing looking face, can drive or have a driver, and you think you have what it takes get in touch !!!!!

Matron, Guru, Bossy Drag
Davina Sparkle

Oh ok then
Dave ! xx