The experience from so many icons of the UK Male Stripping industry is untouched. All pulling together to move the Male Stripping Scene forward and changing with the different generations over the years.

In the Adonis Male Stripper School, although we can not promises you work at the end of the course we would like to think you could take to the stage and put on the best performance in your ability.

You will not be taught by anyone more worldly, adaptable and understanding.

Remember we have been there!! From a Kiss a Gram in a pub to thousand seated theatres we have had to do them all, is a long journey to the top ……….. But it’s worth it

Good luck



StripperQuestions and answers most frequently asked!!

What exactly does a male stripper do?

Great question. RIGHT A PROFFESSIONAL MALE STRIPPER, is not a kiss-a-gram, strip-a-gram, bloke who works out and will drop his pants after 3 redbull and cokes! To be a pro in this industry you need to look and learn! Keyword, professional!

What is a hen night, ladies night?

A hen\ladies night will normally consist of One drag compare too 2 to 3 male strippers. Lets use 2strippers for an example.
Compare, will open the show to a 25 to 30min spot after which he will introduce the 1st male stripper, which will contain an act of at least 20mins! 20mins, I no is a long time isn’t it!!!!
After 1st stripper there will be a break then compare again for 20/30 mins intro 2nd male stripper.
When all done the drag/compare will close the show and we all go home happy! Up north with my great buddies it is a little bit different as they do two 10min spots each so a word from the wise stick down south!

Do i need to be the size of a bodybuilder?

I can be so harsh with my answer as I was a bodybuilder for many of my early years picking up trophies for the best of the best! Yes I was 5ft 10in, weighing in at 16stone!
I never changed my act but I saw a change in my audience towards me! No longer was I the funny cute guy, I was now the “fuk me he’s far to big and scary”! You need to remember and I can say this without condescending as I have been there, bodybuilders yes they are fantastic sportsmen yet are only at there best 2 too 3 times a year for competition!
We, as professional male strippers need too look good all year and let’s be honest not only could our bodies not take it our wallets to fund the steroids couldn’t! take it either! We need to be in great shape and for the fortunate ones whom own the genetics of chiselled abbs, bastards, the fit looking guy wins hands down every time!

I have heard all male strippers are gay?

I am going to be really honest with you and say the best male strippers are gay!
They are not looking for a quickie behind the bike shed after the show. Not looking for phone numbers too a meet the bird or guy who gave you the eye, they are true flamboyant showmen, entertainers that I learnt from.
I bought my 1st house at the age of 19. Drove my 1st Porsche off the forecourt at 20years old with not only the best stripper ever, but the best entertainer I have ever met to date.
A raging queen, R.I.P, and I know he is looking down at me laughing. He would say, If you believe the rumours that the drag queens are after getting in your pants you are better off leaving this site to do the job your meant to do, maybe selling shoes?
Drag queens/compares will make or break you! If you have any homophobic views this really isn’t your career path! If you’re male, female, straight, gay, BI, or lesbian! Believe me, we are all doing this, not for the great"lets av. it" but for audience appreciation!.

Is it true you tie rubber bands round your Willy to make it look bigger?

There we go the question i have been waiting for!
If that were the case I wouldn’t have spent the last 17years at the gym getting bigger!
Yes if you are well endowed all the better but too to be a pro at this game you need far more than a big “Willy”! I would have tied a rubber band round my neck if I thought I could increase my brain capacity! It’s a long and old time myth!
I have worked too a 2000 capacity house of ladies gagging for winkle yet as there laws state a “No show ” yet have made over £800in merchandise which Mr tax man cant get his hands on!!